Meet Hunter Bessell

Hunter Bessell
Image Credit: Nick Isabella — Forbes Article

Hunter Bessell, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from San Diego, CA, has demonstrated exceptional expertise in the gaming and NFT space. He is widely recognized as the founder of Colony, a pioneering NFT MMO (Massively-Multiplayer Online Game) startup that achieved significant commercial success with the sale of 25,000 NFT avatars which generated $2.4M within a period of 72hrs in September 2021.

While Colony remains an active NFT brand, development for its video game, Colony Online, is currently on hold due to inadequate funding. Despite Colony not securing the total necessary funding to fully develop a blockchain MMO, Hunter has openly shared his experiences managing a game development team of 14 people, including the creation of a game demo, working with a veteran game development studio, as well as the challenges encountered as a founder in the crypto startup ecosystem

Hunter is currently utilizing his skills and expertise as a web designer and digital marketing consultant, drawing on the lessons learned from his previous startup experience. In addition, Hunter possesses a keen appreciation for gaming, technology, self-education, pop culture, fashion, and contemporary art, which has had a discernible influence on his approach and style of operation.

(Last edited Sept 5th, 2023)